The Design-Build process has five primary phases:

Project Research    |   Project Portfolio

The pre-design and project prep of a build is crucial in setting the course for a successful job. It is your vision on which our OMEGA Design Team learns about you and your goals.  This lays out your design concepts, timelines, and financial considerations.

This stage identifies the parameters of the scope of work for the project.  If required, architects and engineers begin architectural, mechanical and electrical system assessments and review any existing floor plans, interior room finishes and structural systems. Our design team will begin to gather critical information and surveyors perform a field assessment of your job site to ready it for construction. These assessments define key parameters like codes, compliance requirements, engineering, ergonomics, and of course esthetics.

With all the key information in mind, the OMEGA team partners with you to help you achieve your goals within your budget and time constraints. The scope of your project is set, and creative solutions can take shape to help you realize your vision.

Construct Design   |   Build Your Budget

At this stage, your project team has a solid understanding of your project needs, schedule, and budget. Next, your construction team and project managers partner with the architectural team to value engineer cost savings into the design.

Once owner and project team have defined the big picture, preliminary drawings progress into detailed design and final plans.

Interior & Exterior Selections   |    Finalization of Budget

Congruently, as the project architect is finalizing designs, the OMEGA team will start to gather our team of trade partners to start completing structural, mechanical, and electrical assessments needed for the development and building permit application.  This typically includes:

  • Compliances for development and city bylaws
  • Engineering letters and layouts
  • Heat-loss calculations
  • Mechanical system efficiency design
  • Plumbing, electrical, smoke & sprinkler system requirements

The OMEGA team will then be able to use the completed set of blueprints and begin to layout scopes of work with our trade partner team.  We provide our clients with a company Guidelines Package that will include product selection sheets and a recommended list of material suppliers & showrooms. OMEGA’s Design team will accompany you through the exterior & interior design selection process to help procure your ultimate vision.

Finalizing the architectural designs & interior and exterior material selections will allow the OMEGA team to convert the preliminary estimate/budget to a detailed proposal for approval (Including a full set of specifications) and adjusted to reflect the final design and material selections.

Once your new project is complete, our OMEGA team will provide a post-construction handoff. The post-production handoff is a critical part of any build. This includes:

•  Home Owner Orientation

•  Occupancy Walkthrough

•  Hands-on training and core documentation

•  2 yr OMEGA Home Warranty

  • 0ne Month – Occupancy Follow-up
  • Mid-Year Inspection
  • Year One Inspection
  • Year Two Inspection

•  7 yr TARION Home Warranty